Sunday, March 1, 2009

What's She Up To Now?

I have been a neophyte gardener for about 19 years now. Flowers and herbs only - I wasn't that into vegetables myself for a while, then the kids came along and they really weren't into veggies. Hubby - well, hubby loves ketchup, which used to be a vegetable. 

But reading about heirloom vegetables peaked my interest in perhaps expanding my garden repertoire. But, still no interest from the family.

Until we signed up for the local CSA last summer. Community Supported Agriculture lets you buy all kinds of goodies from local farmers. Between CSA and the farmer's market, we were exposed to some really yummy...yes, veggies.

So, when - yet again - I proposed perhaps planting a few vegetables this year - girls and hubby all said yes.

Wanting to cash in on this unprecedented moment before they came to their senses, I immediately ordered every seed catalog I could find. I've been waving sumptuous pictures of purple and orange carrots and big, juicy strawberries at the family to keep the interest up and the drool coming.

And, since this will be a first for all of us, I thought I'd document the process. Thus, Field of Greens was born.

I'll post pictures, progress reports, successes and failures, recipes, anecdotes and other related miscellanea as this grand adventure unfolds.

If nothing else, it will amuse me while keeping a fun record of The Year We Became Suburban Farmers.

And, if all goes well, I'll be able to share some of our bounty. If the squirrels don't get it first.

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